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Paola Elias of Bel Hannah daily baked, hand made Maamoul semolina cookies

Home baked Middle Eastern cookies

At Bel Hannah, every cookie is handmade using the finest, wholesome natural ingredients.

No preservatives, hydrogenated oils, trans fat, artificial flavors or colors are used in our cookies. Freshness and quality are our priority.


We are dedicated to bring pleasure to our customers. Our cookies are hand made  one by one. Their delicate smell of sweet butter, flower essences will fill you with anticipation, to the flavors of fresh nuts and crumbly dough, dusted with powdered sugar. You’ll distinguish with every cookie the different textures and flavors. One cookie, one bite and you’ll be asking for more… For one is never enough. 

Maamouls are delicate Lebanese cookies made with semolina and filled with pistachios, dates or walnuts. To differentiate between the three fillings each cookie type is molded into a different shape. The round one is filled with walnuts, the square one is filled with pistachios and the doughnut shape is filled with dates.

Paola Elias at work in her kitchen sprinkling powdered sugar on her freshly baked and delicious cookies.

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